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Winter is Coming

The celebration of fall colors is underway, bright foliage abounds with crisp breezes and soggy ground. It is a time to get dry wood into the furnace for a little heat. For places that normally had tourists milling about in the summer, it is a lonely time of empty streets and abandoned campsites. This yearContinue reading “Winter is Coming”

Proactive or Pushy?

We have all done it – hung up the phone while a telemarketer begins their spiel – not really knowing why they were calling, not really interested in trying to find out. I’ve worked for several outbound and inbound call centres; don’t stress about those hangups because they actually protected that sales employee from aContinue reading “Proactive or Pushy?”


Website building is more than merely getting your information in front of your desired audience; it is learning how to nuance the themes available or going it from scratch and code. There is a manner in which you present things that must ring true to your business, must reflect a company value or mood scale,Continue reading “Thematics”

Looking At Fabric

All too often, in today’s society, we opt for cheaper and convenient over preferred and long lasting. This goes from what rugs we put on our floors, to the placemats that decorate our tables to the blankets that cover our beds. Sure, stores that buy in bulk quantities can get you comforter sets for $60Continue reading “Looking At Fabric”

Masking Fear

2020 has been a rollercoaster year so far. Coronavirus has begun round two and we are just getting the swing of round one. The sight of lines outside stores and people wearing masks just plain freaks me out. (me, Tanya Lee, not any of the other members of S.O.S.) My mind races to thoughts ofContinue reading “Masking Fear”

The Art of Blog

Social marketing can feel a bit overwhelming if you are running a simple convenience store or craft shop. Why would you need to blog? You have a website with contact information and store hours. You are busy running the operations, handling deliveries and worker schedule issues, ensuring your products are available to customers and keepingContinue reading “The Art of Blog”

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