Proactive or Pushy?

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We have all done it – hung up the phone while a telemarketer begins their spiel – not really knowing why they were calling, not really interested in trying to find out. I’ve worked for several outbound and inbound call centres; don’t stress about those hangups because they actually protected that sales employee from a bad sales score and bad sales scores get call centre agents fired.

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So why do companies choose cold calling to get those impossible sales? Is it a shot in the dark? Is it worth going up against state and provincial regulations protecting consumers about harassing, data collecting, manipulating information in order to secure a transaction? Well, the manner in which call centres open and close may be an indicator. The burnout rate of employees is significant; the turnover rate for not meeting sales expectations is even greater.

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SOS offers a different approach to cold calling prospective clients. We don’t say anything you wouldn’t, to your future customers. Each business gets to focus on what single purpose that call is about. Our talk time is 2-5 minutes. That’s it! We don’t ask for information, we don’t pressure a sale or discourse; we are simply friendly, quick and attentive. Got a sale on ice cream? Do you offer delivery? Maybe your store hours are changing? Calling prospective visitors from your local area to inform them about these details is really reminding them to check out what your business has to offer. You are being a great neighbour. No hard feelings against your company, no stressed out employees.

Simple Office Solutions is your SOS!

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