Masking Fear

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2020 has been a rollercoaster year so far. Coronavirus has begun round two and we are just getting the swing of round one. The sight of lines outside stores and people wearing masks just plain freaks me out. (me, Tanya Lee, not any of the other members of S.O.S.) My mind races to thoughts of The Walking Dead or Contagion.

Here in Newfoundland, because cases are down to a mere 4, people are fairly relaxed about the virus; some places do not reveal in any way there still is a pandemic going on. But in others, the panic is tangible. My panic is tangible.

How can we make this mask wearing situation feel more, I don’t know, fashionable? Less plague-ish? No matter how many videos people watch of mask demonstrators stating oxygen levels….there are materials that do not feel comfortable next to the face. Whether something is actual or all in one’s head, so long as that anxiety is there, stress will be too. So I purchased linen for its breathability, natural fibres and resistance to mold and mildew. It is not comfortable against the skin however and so I am once again favouring handkerchief cotton.

Why has COVID19 stopped people from using their own shopping bags in larger retail outlets? Or rather, why are the larger chains of household goods and groceries pushing plastic onto their customers? Why aren’t the staff of these large retail outlets wearing masks or socially distancing themselves from customers or other staff members? How is polluting our environment helping to end COVID19? Now, more than ever, if you choose an environmentally friendly bag, recognize its power to advertise for you. People notice what is different, what is defiant and what is right.

I fear what our race – the human race – is doing to the planet. I fear we are being warned by mother nature to get our acts together. When thinking of how your can improve your company’s economic outlook, please also think of ways you can protect the environment, promote a green outlook, foster a responsible attitude and serve up a little kindness. If we can be of help here at S.O.S. reach out and let us know. We are struggling too, but trying to stay positive.

Stay safe. Be healthy. Be kind.

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Teacher, secretary, behavioural therapist, linguist, artist, designer, Wiccan, Vampire-fiction fan, LARP storyline writer, hiking enthusiast, horse obsessed, Mommy to an assortment of furred and feathered babies. Enseignant, secrétaire, thérapeute comportemental, crivain, artiste, Vampire aimant, écrivain storyline LARP, passionné de randonnée, cheval obsédé, "witchy" femme et Maman à un assortiment de bébés à fourrure et à plumes.

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