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S.O.S. is ready to work for you! Whether you’re a fledgling entrepreneur with big ideas to share, or an old pro looking to enhance your online presence, update your physical workspace or get short term aid without the extra cost and time involved with hiring and training new staff members. Simple Office Solutions can help with the struggles of juggling needs with COVID 19 obstacles and regulations.

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S.O.S. offers: professional letter writing, advertising aid, client/customer telephone scheduling, biography and resume up-dos, logo designs, website development, social media consulting and more!

Via GIPSIE BY THE SEA and FABRICATED NEWFIE tailoring services, your office, home and wardrobe components can be custom made to reflect your professional image. Boost your online presence with pieces that wow! When the world is judging the room behind the teleconference speaker, make the impression you feel represents you and your business.

Aviking By Hoof is a Live Action Role Play enterprise that offers LARP packages for small groups in the great setting of Gros Morne, Newfoundland. Play a Viking, Mummer, Elf, Fairy, Giant or Pirate in one of our seven themed games in 2021. We apologize for being unable to transition quickly enough to present LARP Gros Morne 2020, but will be working diligently to bring LARP Gros Morne 2021 alive and we hope to see your workforce teams there!

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